What we do

Since the beginning, Pride Group focused on providing the best career experience possible. We know what we do well, how we could do it better.
We do partnerships through resource mapping in order to innovate better solutions.
Our hope is to bring our partners to previously unexplored areas while helping people to access and maximize the impact of using ever-expanding resource in their lives.



People do not have access to proper resources like knowledge, products and services crucial for their career development. Failures in career development have been linked to employers - the lack of support and career advancement opportunities, weak leadership, and low income.
The main challenge that often confronts employee attempting to voice their frustration is not "What" (what is the problem and what are the remedies for it?) but “Why” (why does the problem persist?) and “How” (how to manage the often complex process of change that accompanies any reform).
The Pride Group Business model and practice is designed to give answers to both the "Why" and the "How".


Pride Group is working to connect and leverage expertise on effective resource sharing through individuals, institutions and sector-based institutions and partnership networks. By investing in the “How” of reform, Pride Group uses a series of innovative and collaborative approaches that complement technical solutions in addressing career development challenges.


Our approach focuses on three key strategies through which structured learning, innovation, knowledge exchange using cutting-edge tools are integral components.

Capacity development

Capacity development remains a fundamental challenge to achieving sustainable career development despite considerable efforts from all the related industries.

Supporting Open and Collaborative Governance

Pride Group is helping employers engage with employees and institutions from financial, risk management, property development sectors by using innovative concepts.

Leadership for Coalition Building

Pride Group has launched a collaborative leadership program to support partners to navigate "the how" of career development programs forward.

Resource Mapping


Matching Resources and Information Exchange is defined as the just-in-time sharing of information and critical resources among business development partners and leaders. Through Pride's Resource Mapping & Knowledge Sharing system, we provide a common platform for various sector stakeholders as a way of building consensus and coalitions.
As part of the Resource Mapping Strategy, Pride Group ongoing efforts to develop and enhancing our platform with specific functional modules that focuses on different sectors of involvement of the partners. These modules consist series of strategic advisory support services, including partner instruments needed to play a more effective group connector role.


While we have made significant progress in promoting group sustainability, expectations and Pride Group commitments to deliver. We have learned that in order to be effective, we have to demonstrate the benefits of strategic partnerships between the group and individual development objectives in respond to our clients' aspirations and concerns; and through our platform enable partners to build career development and solutions to business challenges.

Mapping Strategy Program

PRIDE is responding to partners’ demand for more support on resource exchanges with the above approaches.

Innovative Solutions


There is growing concern that individual organization alone cannot provide the services to all of their customers. They need strategic partners from different institutions which can combine a vast range of products and services to cater for different needs and situations of their customers. Pride Group able to complement, support, and create new business opportunities for the delivery of such comprehensive solutions yet still maintaining personalized services. With no one model or one entity being able to meet the growing demands for innovative solutions and under-served customer segments throughout the whole industry, we are developing tools, methods, and online platforms to facilitate an open and collaborative environment between clients, partners, and other stakeholders.


Pride Group’s role is to be a catalyst for new age of solutions provider by leveraging on Resource Mapping — to identify and support new ways of "doing different things" and "doing things differently."

Solution Strategy Programs

Our work is defined by three key areas: Accurate and timely resource mapping, fair competitions, and up scaling career development.

Accurate Timely Information

Threat vs opportunities and changing trend on particular industry.


Two heads are better than one, and a thousand heads are better than two.

Scaling Business Entrepreneurship

Business entrepreneurship is the combination of career activism, personalized service delivery, and private sector efficiency.

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