Our Mission

We offer opportunities at every career stage, from Business Advisor and Executive Advisor to Associate Partner and Partner. These opportunities are in every area of banking and finance, from corporate banking and wealth management to marketing and property development. And with our regional exposure through PRIDE GROUP system sponsorship, the world will be your workplace. Whether you choose to work in your local market or explore global opportunities, you can be sure of an interesting and varied career.

Our culture

Our culture makes us stronger. The fact that we are Dependable, Resourceful, and Connected in everything we do is key to our past and future success. These values describe how we interact with each other, our customers, our regulators, and the wider community. We also stand firmly for what is right, acting with courageous integrity, even when faced with pressure to act differently.

Our values

Our values can be seen in the way that we develop and promote talent based on merit, and in our culture of mentorship & sponsorship. Creating a diverse workforce is very important to us. It makes us a more rounded organization and helps us understand our customers better. So we keep an open mind. We embrace non-conformity and create balanced teams. And we respect people of all backgrounds.

Group Sustainability

At every stage of your career, you will have the support you need to progress. We will offer a mix of formal and informal development activities, and you will be able to develop personally through involvement in our Group Sustainability programs.

Developing your career

You will be providing the local expertise that our customers rely on us for, so we will provide you with the best possible support and learning opportunities. This is why we developed the PRIDE GROUP Sustainability Program. The PRIDE GROUP Sustainability Program, which is delivered through our online system, will give you access to learning which is relevant to your role, your part of the business, and the group organization as a whole. And you can tailor it to suit your needs - taking control of your own business development.


This position is not a traditional management role as there is an ongoing requirement for an acute appreciation of building a profitable, high quality customer's portfolio. We are looking for fresh views and approaches to build exceptional and lasting relationships. 

No working experience require.
Full training program provided.

This is a key role and opportunity within the business to manage designated relationships with the distribution partners and ultimately grow the business during an exciting period of evolution. You will work closely with selected partners to develop Collaboration & Marketing strategies to achieve predefined Group's objectives.

PROTÉGÉ programme 2023 - Banking Finance (Immediate Position) - (10)

  • Proactive and keen to learn
  • Able to perform in team environment
  • Good time management skills
  • Motivated & self driven
  • Positive problem-solving attitude


The Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ)  initiative designed to provide a great opportunity for fresh graduates to explore and gain knowledge of the banking industry.

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