Matching of Pride Group clients for partner-to-partner resources sharing to address possibility of business collaboration needs.

Investment Tools:

Developing investment instruments, such as the Trust Facility. The Facility is a opportunity-driven multi-contributor trust fund that finances partners strategic investment vehicle.


Offering the "know-how" on ways in which knowledge exchanges can be matched so that they can deliver real results. Knowledge combined with capital has made the most difference in solving the problems of growth and career satisfaction.


Pride Group play a combination of roles -- producer, customizer, and connector of knowledge. Fulfilling the increasing demand for answers – we are actively working to open up our knowledge and data stores, and collaborating with others to bring the best ideas and knowledge to partners. Supporting partners to develop their capacity to implement and exchange knowledge and experience by using PRIDE as development learning network.


Documenting success outcomes in a knowledge portal, PRIDE as central depository and "go-to" place for practitioners looking for information and tools to support effective resource exchange exchanges.

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