Accurate Timely Information:

Information is fuel and good information is rocket fuel. By making information and better data available on real time like stock market trading, we motivate others to take charge of their own career development outcomes and reach people we cannot reach ourselves.

Through an effort across the group, we adopted a new business approach resulting in more business opportunities becoming available for collaboration at no cost.

Born out of the Pride Group's new Access to Information framework and building on the success of the Quality Data initiative. Recognizing the significant impact that the combination of matching accurate resources, quality data and an empowered partner can have on improving business outcome and individual career development effectiveness.

With Pride Group Partnership programs, which aims to: effectively turn resources into real results by measuring partner's activities accessible from Resource Turnaround workflow; foster accountability by empowering partners and other stakeholders to provide direct feedback on business results; improve resource coordination by developing a business discussion module that visualizes the threat vs opportunities and changing trend on particular industry.

Pride Group aims to enhance accountability and improve the delivery and quality of client services through technology-enabled partners engagement—for e.g. using mobile accessible devices, interactive user interface and real time platform. The platform aims to give voice to partners, and improve accountability feedback loops around internal group services by synthesizing resources, brokering expert connections and facilitating the co-creation and spread of future business development . The platform is organized around three core areas: resources, people and tools.


Two heads are better than one, and a thousand heads are better than two. By tapping into the collective insight and entrepreneurial energy of partners and creative designing methods, talented minds come to the fore and generate breakthrough ideas to advance development.

Our ICT development strategy brought together the best ideas from both the software developer and the partners to create innovative solutions using , spurring the creation of powerful new business model tools.

Building upon Pride Group's strategies, a new platform has been customized to enable the partners to launch an array of competitions and challenges. Whether mobilizing a specialize group to solve a narrowly defined problem, or inviting partners and experts to propose solutions to a pressing issue, the platform supports a wide variety of challenges, innovative ideas to advance development outcomes.

Scaling Business Entrepreneurship:

Business entrepreneurship is the combination of career activism, personalized service delivery, and private sector efficiency.
PRIDE have been assisting individuals to expand their expertises and services to clients while generate income distribution among the contributors. Pride Group targets 'high career impact' entrepreneurs that need growth opportunity to expand, scale or replicate their expertises in a financially sustainable manner. Pride Group's objective is to position business entrepreneurs as the main arm of development along with public and commercial private sectors.

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