The People

It’s really the people that make Pride Group the kind of organization it is. We invite people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience. We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with start-up entrepreneurs in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

We are financiers, economists, educators, analysts, engineers and managers, as well as social reformers, environment conservationists, peace lovers, philanthropist, human rights activism who share a common goal in making the world a better place.

We are partners

For generations companies built barriers between themselves and their competitors which used to be solid and absolute are now permeable. And that’s only the beginning.

Today the most successful companies build bridges. In the new economy, the principles of business strategy are being transformed. Instead of a focus on physical assets and brand names, the drivers of success reside in connectivity of intangibles. The selection of strategic partners with whom to collaborate is now becoming a life or death issue for most organizations.

Pride Group believes that supporting open and collaborative efforts will enable start-up entrepreneurs to achieve the direction of their career path in their own contexts. Guided by this vision, Pride Group seeks to strengthen the capacity of our partnership by using innovative tools and practical approaches towards participatory involvement and sustainable change.

Pride Group is a connector to all the player in the industry through a common resource sharing platform for our partners to develop and deliver result. A majority of our resources are delivered by the partners and for the partners.

We are about you

Pride Group mission is to create equal opportunities for all the partners to have a sustainable income, secured and enhanced meaningful career.

Pride Group Business Structure works across multiple economic sectors through building strong, integrated systems and sustainable income source.

Wealth Creation

Now we all can start to dream again on achieving sustainable income while continue increasing efforts with respect to attain success in our career.
Pride Group Business Structure was designed by building an equitable result driven systems in order to achieve "sky is the limit" earning capacity of each partner.
Pride Group business structure enable each and every partner to raise their income earning outcomes by creating multiple-source of additional income at the same time encourage partners to save and invest, systematically, while promoting wealth creation.

Career Development

Our believe that everyone can develop their leadership potential and be a great leader without having to wait or be given such opportunities.
Pride Group invests in training programs by scaling up support for early career development to improve the readiness of potential young leaders for a lifetime of learning.
Our main focus is on evaluations and training measure program impact to improve effectiveness of training systems in order to deliver practical learning and skills development towards an improved career satisfaction.

Income Continuity

Due to rapidly changes in current economy landscape and other uncertainties, employees are exposed to risks of corporate restructuring and limited access to opportunities.
Pride Group enable partners to diversify from their existing heavily fragmented single income source to harmonized with vast market's opportunities that delivers multiple income sources. Expand safety nets and other career protection coverage to the partners, and to another extends; ensure that the partners can respond quickly to changes or crisis; and increase focus on securing access to better opportunities.

We are different

" Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business " Sir Henry Ford

Our Business Ethics

Businesses face ethical issues and decisions almost every day, for past years has seen remarkable success on the changing of credit and policies for better risk management. On practical issues, however, there has been far less progress.
Their performance has come under increasing scrutiny as the high costs of non-compliance controls for organizations performance and the quality of business transactions in protecting vital organization interests.
We are on the front line between the industry and the market. Pride Group identifies key practices of effective inspections with clear and legitimate industries regulations by detecting and deterring non-compliances.

Enhancing Accountability

The challenge in addressing these kinds of problems is not only for the regulators themselves, because they cannot operate in isolation from the institutions of governance around them.
Sustainable compliance also requires the consolidation of the rule of law throughout industries structures. Accountability should place a priority on creating a credible control system, effective measures that protect market competition, respect individual rights, and establish a level playing field for market players.
Pride Group is playing their active role on upholding our policies.

Our Social Responsibility

An important part of Pride Group's growth and motivation derived from our believe in contributing to the greater good, being part of something greater than ourselves.
In “making the world a better place” is directly associate with the question "If not us, who? If not now, when?” for each partners to pursue change and something meaningful. There are always plenty of room for everyone to create small measures of happiness in the lives of those around us. It is about the time we listen to our inner voice and implement these change we have been always thinking about in our careers.

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